February 25, 2024

There is no GST on treatment of disease, but treatment of skin glow or hair transplant is taxed

Surat: Transactions worth 20 crores have been caught in the raid conducted by SGST on 19 doctors of the state, who perform skin specialist, hair transplant or plastic surgery. Currently, the calculation of how much tax will be paid is going on, when 7 doctors of Surat were investigated and tax evasion of 1.35 crores was caught. This amount is that which was collected from the people and not deposited.

Also, in some cases even the doctors did not realize that GST is levied on this service. 3 to 3.50 crores in taxes from the entire state. Due to this raid, doctors involved in skin care, hair transplant have been checking accounts. The investigation also revealed that, the treatment of several types of skin and hair diseases is not subject to GST, while transplants or skin treatments are taxed.

As raids continue, the figure for the entire state could be 3.50 crore

The details revealed during the raid are also shocking. Some doctors deliberately cheated and some doctors were unaware of the GST. The doctors who played the game did not pay tax treating the disease and the extrication treatment as one and the same. Like if there is a skin disease, which is treated then it is not taxed.

There is no tax on hair loss or skin rashes, but if skin glow treatment is taken or hair transplant is done, it attracts 18 percent GST. Many doctors also attributed this extreme treatment to disease. At present 20 crores of such transactions have been received and it is likely to increase further.

Doctors also found cash transactions from there

The investigation has revealed that, the bill was collected in cash from many patients so that, there is no record of the patient. So that there is no evidence of it. The information of such doctors will also be provided to the Income Tax Department in the coming time.

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