February 25, 2024

Udhana Zone sent a team to remove the construction against the plan in Lakshminarayan Industrial Society located in BRC area.

Surat : Action was taken by the zone on Tuesday following a complaint of illegal construction on a large scale in an industrial estate near BRC in Udhana zone of Surat Municipal Corporation. 11 lakh rupees was charged to three property owners for illegal construction by removing the third floor of a property along with illegal construction in two building of 4400 sq. To remove this illegal construction, Udhana zone carried out demolition work from morning to late evening. Moreover, Lakshminarayan Society has come up near BRC on Udhana Main Road in Udhana Zone of Surat Municipality. In this society, after getting the plan approved, the property owners had made additional illegal constructions. In this regard, a notice was given by Udhana Zone to remove the illegal construction.

Apart from this, in today’s society, Res.No. Out of 151, Bhedwad, Res.No.1, Dindoli, Res.No. Out of 346 to 349, in the property bearing plot no.1 to 4 out of sub plot no.B, the owners had illegally constructed two thousand square feet against the plan. Even after the notice of the municipality, the construction continued, the municipality removed the construction of two thousand square feet and collected administrative expenses of four and a half lakh rupees, construction waste charge thirty thousand and twenty thousand deposit from the owners, a total of five lakh rupees.

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