February 25, 2024

A major accident came to a close on the Race course Ring Road on Sunday evening

Rajkot: There have been many cases in the past of youth playing dangerous games to get likes on social media. On Sunday evening, youths took his friends in a car at a speed of over 100 km/h on the race course ring road in Rajkot and lost control of the steering, while trying to take off the wheels, the car crashed into a tree. Fortunately, no pedestrians or other motorists were injured. Two, including the injured youths, were shifted to hospital.

On Sunday evening, a white Swift car passed at a speed of more than 100 km from Funworld on the city’s race course ring road towards the police headquarters. Seeing the speed of the car, the people present were breathless.

Moreover, people started muttering that the driver of this car would kill a pedestrian. At that moment, a loud sound of the car hitting a tree was heard and people ran. The driver of the car, which was going at high speed, lost control of the steering wheel and the car fell on the divider. Collided with a tree.

Both were rushed to the hospital by 108. After the accident, both of them were so shocked that they did not know where they were. After half an hour, they realized that they were in the hospital. 14 year old Het Bhatt was driving the car. Apart from this, four people were sitting in the car.

In the end, it is questioned that, who gave the car to youth? Police information said that, the person who gave the car is as responsible as the person, who committed the crime by driving the car despite not having a license. The police had started the exercise to take action against car owners and others.

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