Then the police took legal action.

Surat : In Surat, a scam was perpetrated on social media Facebook based on an advertisement of “Solving every difficult problem through Tantric Shakti”. On the pretext of solving the problems and performing different rituals by saying that there is a lot of gold in the house, the accused who cheated the complainant by taking Rs.15,51,110/- have been arrested from Rajasthan. According to the accused, between October-2022 to 18/05/2023, accused and the bank account holders, who spoke on different mobile numbers, hatched a pre-planned conspiracy. An advertisement was placed on Facebook “Solving every difficult problem through Tantric Shakti”. The complainant contacted on the mentioned mobile number and asked to solve the problems. It was also said that there is a large amount of gold and bad spirits in the house of the complainant. According to him, the complainant had transferred rupees to different UPI IDs for which different rituals were to be performed. And total had given Rs.15,51,110/- along with gold ornaments and cash.

However, the accused were making false promises by saying that they would perform rituals to extract the gold from such a house at Surat. Once he came to Surat along with his miscreants and cheated the complainant by pretending to perform a religious ritual in his house and by transferring rupees online piece by piece from the complainant. Accused involved in the crime during police investigation- (1) Munesh Bhargava and others 43 Business-Astrologer Res.Ward No.14, Near Political Sanskrit School, Meena Bazar, Thana-Ratan Nagar, Dist.Churu (Rajasthan) (2) Manoj Omprakash Bhargava U.V.40 Business-Wage Res. Maliono Moholla, Ward No.2. Village-Thelasar, Post-Ratan Nagar Dist.Churu (Rajasthan) was taken from Rajasthan. Then the police took legal action.

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