Action of Manpa Food Department; 10 Notice to traders on matters including license.

Rajkot : The team of food department of Rajkot Municipal Corporation is continuously checking non-edible items, in which 170 kg farsan made using washing soda was found and destroyed from Shreeji Neelkanth Food, Gundavadi Main Road, Lakdia Pul. Along with this, a notice was issued to the firm. Apart from this, 13 kg of non-edible items including expired chutney-sauce were destroyed from shop. A total of 10 traders were issued notices on issues including license.

As per the details received, during the surveillance checking of Shreeji Neelkanth Food, Gundawadi Main Road, various food items stored in the store room like Champakli made using washing soda, Bhavnagari nattia about 90 kg, Vasi Bundi, Chevdo, about 80 kg . Altogether an estimated total of 170 kg of inedible farsan. The quantity was destroyed. Also notice was given regarding proper storage, maintaining hygienic condition and license. Also, during the inspection of The Royal Bite Resto, West Gate Rajkot, packed food items used even after 3 months of expiry date, packed bottles of soy sauce, stale pre-made food like sambharo, salad, chutney etc. were found in total 13 kg. The quantity was destroyed and notice was given to the firm regarding proper storage, maintenance of hygienic condition and license.

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