The Governor remotely deposited all the degrees in the National Academic Depository through digital means.

Surat : The 55th graduation ceremony held today at Veer Narmad South Gujarat University was more than ever. As many as 17,375 young students were awarded degrees in the university this year, His Excellency Acharya Devvrat and State Education Minister Praful Panseria were specially present in this graduation ceremony. In whose presence, medals and degrees were awarded to 17,375 young students of 96 courses in 12 faculties. Apart from this, 81 Ph.D. And 4 M.Phil. degrees were awarded. Along with this, for the first time, the degrees of all the more than 17,000 degree-seeking students were simultaneously uploaded to DigiLocker by the university.

Moreover, some of the special features of today’s graduation ceremony were, for the first time, a graduation ceremony with chanting of Hindu scriptures as per Indian culture. 11 Rishikumaras of Suryapur Sanskrit Pathshala, Surat started the ceremony with Sankhnad and 10 Bhudevs chanting Vedic mantras and verses from Taittiriya Upanishad. Through which the ancient gurukula tradition of Indian culture was exposed. State Education Minister Praful Panseria, who was present here, said that there were special glimpses of Indian culture in this graduation ceremony. India today is moving forward in a new direction and India’s old system is the best and the world is accepting it today. The convocation ceremony by the university is done in Vedic tradition.

This graduation ceremony of the university was also very special because of the special theme of awarding the degrees to the students with Indian traditional clothes. Normally in the graduation ceremony, the university confers special degrees to the students wearing black coats and caps, but Veer Narmad South Gujarat University awarded degrees to all the dignitaries present and all the students who received the degrees in traditional Indian cultural dress.Praful Panseria further said that as many as 17,375 students have obtained degrees in different fields from the university. About 120 students have been awarded degrees and medals from the stage. Along with this, the university has uploaded the degrees to the online website of all the first-time degree holders. All the 17,375 degrees awarded will be available in students’ digilocker, which students will be able to access with their login ID. The Governor remotely deposited all the degrees in the National Academic Depository through digital means.

​​​​​In the 55th graduation ceremony of Narmad University, Barfiwala College Asst. Professor late Mohit Patel was posthumously awarded the degree of Ph.D. His twin sons Tirtha and Tathya accepted the title from the Governor. Now the family self. Dr. Mohit Patel can write. Chancellor of Narmad University Dr. Mohit Patel was studying for Ph.D on plastic subject in the year-2020 under the guidance of KN Chavda. Completed all the research during the study and also prepared the thesis of Ph.D. In the meantime, he died tragically during treatment due to brain stoke. It was decided by the academic council of the university to posthumously award the degree of Ph.D. So today in the ceremony two children of the late professor were called on the stage and awarded the degree of father.

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