December 11, 2023

HDFC Bank and Mahendra Kotak Bank have also been found to have been defrauded.

Surat : In the digital age, some fraudsters are using technology to rake in millions of rupees by doing illegal activities. A complaint was registered at Umra police station after fraud with HDFC Bank and Kotak Mahindra Bank in Surat. On the basis of which crime branch and eco cell are conducting investigation, a big scam has come out. Aamir Ulhaq is resident of Assam and Prithvi Sagar Dhananjay a resident of Bangalore have been arrested online. With the help of web portals, they were creating and selling documents including fake Aadhaar card, PAN card, election card online. The accused used to sell fake documents for Rs 15, 25 and 50. On the basis of such false documents, proofs of Indian citizenship were presented, GST numbers were obtained, used to acquire property, and even used for human trafficking. Not only this but a serious scam of preparing false documents to travel to other countries was also being practiced. A complaint was registered in the Umra police station that, the loan of 92.57 lakhs was made by HDFC Bank on the basis of false documents. Investigating which, the police has busted the entire racket.

Further, Aamirul Haq Khan used to create fake documents and sell them to people through AHK web solutions portal. The accused bought the NSDL-EKYC software from youth named Prithvi Dhananjay of Bangalore. By purchasing the service called Reseller Web Hosting Alpha, other websites could be easily added to any website. Through which such a big scam was perpetrated. Surat Police Commissioner Ajay Tomar said that, the serious scam of creating bogus documents through online media has been given complete details to the central agencies as well. Along with false documents, human trafficking and false identity to go to other countries could easily create this gang, which can be considered a very serious matter. He further said that, the central agency is also taking this very seriously. They are still investigating this type of crime in depth. A total of 12 accused have been arrested so far in the entire scam. HDFC Bank and Mahendra Kotak Bank have also been found to have been defrauded.

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