The victim continues to cheat them on different pretexts until they become destitute.

Vadodara : Vadodara Cybercrime has arrested 2 accused of a cheating gang who lured them to earn money by completing different tasks by contacting them through social media on the pretext of online part time job. The Cybercrime Police took possession of both the accused from the Hyderabad Police. 2 complaints were registered in cybercrime police station regarding fraud under the pretext of earning money by completing online tasks. So the cyber crime police registered a case and started investigation. In both the complaints, the entire fraud was perpetrated based on the same modus operandi by offering to earn money by doing part-time online work and completing tasks. Both the accused in this case were arrested by the Hyderabad police. So, on the basis of the produce warrant, the cyber crime police team of Vadodara city took possession and arrested both the accused.

The victim is contacted on social media and given a task, lured to earn money in the name of part-time job and returns a few rupees. Then they are added to separate Telegram and WhatsApp groups to give new tasks. By giving up to 25 tasks per day Rs. 1500 to 3000 is tempting to earn. In this way, the victim is taken into confidence by posting screenshots of other users earning large sums of money by completing the task in social media groups. Under the guise of premium task, a separate group is lured to earn commission by investing in crypto through paired links. When the victim tries to withdraw the amount appearing in the crypto wallet, the amount is not withdrawn. The victim continues to cheat them on different pretexts until they become destitute. Different social media ID is used to do whole crime.

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