Crime branch police caught the robbers with weapons before they could carry out the incident.

Surat : Even before the robbery incident in Surat was carried out, the Surat Crime Branch police foiled the plan of the robbers. The crime branch team has arrested two notorious accused from Punjab Ludhiana who came to Surat to rob jewelers and Angadiya firm in Surat. Police seized a loaded pistol, a revolver and 3 live cartridges from the accused. It has been revealed that the arrested accused were also involved in the robbery of 8 lakhs by robbing a tobacco dealer in Chakcharit which happened earlier in Adajan area. As the festival of Diwali approaches, the city sees an increase in the number of robberies and thefts. On such days the city police is also very alert, the team of Surat city crime branch has caught two robbers who came to rob jeweler’s shop and Angadia firm on the occasion of Diwali in the city before they could succeed in their mansuba and put them behind the bars. The crime branch detail was on a special patrol in view of the Diwali festival when they nabbed the two robbers based on a tip-off.

According to the information, the Surat Crime Branch team was on patrol, during which the accused Manish Dubey and Sonu Ravidas, who came to rob in Surat, were caught. The accused were to carry out the robbery at an Angadia firm and a jeweler’s shop in Surat. The accused had also prepared a plan to carry out the robbery, before the accused could carry out the robbery incident in the city, the Surat Crime Branch arrested the two. During the interrogation of the accused, it was revealed that the main accused who committed the robbery were from Ludhiana, Punjab. Surat Crime Branch got the information that these accused are going to rob again with weapons in Surat city. The team of Surat Crime Branch organized a watch and arrested the accused 23-year-old Manish Shastri and 21-year-old Sonu Ravidas.

In the end, Police seized a loaded pistol and a revolver along with 3 live cartridges from the accused. In addition to this, strict interrogation of the arrested accused revealed that they had come to Surat during Diwali to rob jewelers and Angadiya firm, but the police caught them before they could commit any crime. Currently, the team of Surat Crime Branch has arrested both the accused and conducted further investigation in this matter.

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