February 25, 2024

15 days ago ATS nabbed five terrorists including a woman from Surat

Ahmedabad: The Gujarat ATS team raided the Islamic State terror organization (ISKP) spread across the country, in which 2 including a woman associated with ISKP were arrested from Hyderabad, while several other suspects have also been detained and interrogation started.

ATS teams conducted raids across the country including Hyderabad, Kashmir, Surat

Gujarat ATS arrested 1 woman and 4 youths from Surat associated with banned terrorist organization ISKP 15 days ago, in which 3 youths were arrested from Porbandar, while one from Kashmir. All these five persons were to go to Iran by boat from Porbandar and from there to Afghanistan on the basis of fake passports. In questioning the five, the ATS gathered information about their networks spread across the country.

There was a conspiracy of terrorist attack in Gujarat itself

Earlier, 5 terrorists who were arrested were going to attack in Gujarat by taking training from Afghanistan. In the interrogation of ATS, 5 terrorists including Sumaira admitted that their target was some place in Gujarat, while 15 days later, ATS also conducted raids based on the information given by Sumaira and her accomplices in the operation initiated by ATS.

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