The police have registered a case against this Pradeep and arrested him for forging documents.

Surat : In the incident where an elderly man died in a car accident in Dabholi in Surat, it was revealed that the number plate of the car involved in the accident was wrong. So the police registered a crime against the person who faked the number plate of this car under the section of fraud document and arrested him. On March 4 last, a biker couple was run over by a Zest car near Roscoe Circle, Dabholi. Dhiru Dobriya died during treatment. Wife Sharda was injured. Police seized the car (GJ-05-JP-0023) and arrested the driver Bhavin Mandaviya. This car belonged to his friend Pradip Chhagan Kaklotar.

The Singanpore police seized the car and reached the house of Ramkailas Maurya, resident of Dindoli Omnagar, based on the number plate in whose name the car was registered. Here the police were surprised. His car was safely parked at the man’s house. The car with the same number was seized in the police station for the crime of accident. The matter turned serious when number one turned out to have two cars. He said to have bought this car in second from Ramesh Varia in seconds and also produced the documents. Scrutiny based on the engine number of the car involved in the accident revealed the correct registered number of the car (GJ-05- BZ-3186) and it was registered in the name of Sanjay Rathore. The police now reached him after Sanjay told the car in 2021 to Karan Bodara, a financier of Kataragam, that it was mortgaged there. When the financier said that he had given this car to Pradip Kaklotar in exchange of one lakh, the police came to Pradip Kaklotar. On questioning Pradip, he said that he had taken the mortgaged car, but decided to put a fake number plate on it so that the original owner or the financier would not take it back. His friend Ramesh Varia had the same Zest car that he had. From him he R of his car. On the basis of the book and Aadhaar card, he got the HSRP number plate and put it on his car. The police have registered a case against this Pradeep and arrested him for forging documents.

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