After that, they fought with him and killed him with a paddle.

Surat : A young man from Limbayat area of Surat was killed in public in the pretense of having a love affair with his sister. Three days ago, near Noorani Masjid, two cousins met and killed a young man living in front of the house with sharp weapons. Not only this, the friend of the dead youth who intervened to save him was also attacked and injured with a paddle. After playing this murderous game, both the brothers escaped from the spot. Then the Limbayat police arrested the two cousins who killed two days later and initiated legal action. Three days ago, a youth named Shehbaz Aslakhan Kaji was killed with a weapon near Noorani Masjid in Limbayat, Surat. Along with this, his friend was also attacked and seriously injured. The police have arrested two cousins who killed in this incident. The police have arrested Sameer alias Sameer Mardangi and his younger brother Amin Kalu, who live opposite to Shehab Aslam Khan and initiated legal action. Talking about the entire incident, Shehbaz Aslakhan Kaji and his friend Faisal Noorani, who live in Azad Chowk near Noorani Masjid in Limbayat, were arrested late last night. They were sitting on the terrace of Jodhpur Sweets near the mosque. Then two accused brothers Sameer alias Sameer Mardanagi and Amin Kalu rushed there with sharp weapons. Among the two accused brothers, Sameer later held Shehbaz. When Aami was fatally stabbed with a paddle on her abdomen.

Not only this, the two brothers intervened to free their friend Faisal, and the friend was also stabbed in the stomach and hands with paddles. After playing the murderous game, both the brothers fled from the spot. On the other hand, Shehbaz Qazi and his friend Faisal, who were seriously injured and bleeding, were shifted to Apple Hospital for treatment, where doctors on duty declared Shahbaz Khan Qazi dead in the morning after treatment. While friend Faisal is being treated in the hospital after getting injured. The police gave details and said that both the accused and the deceased Shehbaz Khan lived in the same street. Also the houses of both are located opposite to each other. Meanwhile, the accused suspected that there was a love affair between their sister and the deceased Shehbaz, against which the accused carried out the murder. First was last night when the dying youth was sitting with his friend Faisal. At that time, the accused rushed near her and quarreled and quarreled with her, suspecting love affair. After that, they fought with him and killed him with a paddle.

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