February 25, 2024

Since 7 months the equipments haven’t been come out from boxes, and it falls apart due to lack of stabilizer

Rajkot: Lack of coordination has seen equipment worth around Rs 2 crore bought for testing different diseases gathering dust in health centres. After the purchase of this expensive equipment in the year 2022, it was allocated to the health center in January

However, the equipment has not been opened. Pack boxes are available, including chemical analyzer, ECG machine, TB testing machine, fully automatic analyzer and CBC machine. The boxes of these tools are also not opened.

The boxes were now seen gathering dust

On checking Nanamowa Health Center in Rajkot, valuable equipment was found in box packs. Some of the equipment boxes have been opened, but the plastic strip is still on. Although some tools have been put into use, most of the valuable and useful tools are falling into boxes.

These equipments were purchased from the grant allotted to the civic servants for development works as the need arose during the Corona period. However, even after months it has not been used. An important equipment like a chemical analyzer worth millions could have proved useful in treating patients since the beginning of the year, but its boxes are now gathering dust.

Machines eat dust due to lack of stabilizer

Apart from Nanamowa, boxes of important equipment including chemical analyzers were also found not to be opened in Shyamnagar, Mavdi and Hudko health centers. An electrical device called a stabilizer is required to operate these machines, the procurement process of which was stuck between the lighting branch and the health branch,

Althpugh, after being stuck in the file for two months, it has now been learned that it has been purchased. Adequate arrangements should also be made for speedy use of such equipment after it is procured, but there was a clear lack of coordination.

Now pending installation of equipment: Health Officer

However, the health officer of the municipality doctor as the equipment came to us last December, we allotted each center on January 7. Now its installation is pending. For that, the purchase of necessary electrical equipment was pending, which is now in progress and the necessary training will also be given to the staff for this.

In the end, among these tools like hemoglobin testing, BP testing have been started. He also claimed that, ECG machines have also been started in some centers, where there are MBBS doctors.

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