February 25, 2024

Both the men blackmailed to minor by threatening to make the private moments video viral and grabbed 3 lakh from minor.

Ahmedabad : The incident of a 16-year-old girl becoming a victim of two devils after making friends on Instagram has come to know in Ahmedabad. She befriended a man on Instagram. Later this person took her to a hotel and raped her. Later he would send the minor along with his friend. He also took her to a hotel and raped her. The minor has become pregnant due to repeated raped. Not stopping at this, both the accused threatened to make the video of private moments viral and have also grabbed 3 lakh rupees from minor.

The entire matter has reached the police station and victim has filed a complaint against both accused. The minor is being medically examined. The police have arrested the accused and started intensive interrogation. A minor has to pay a heavy price due to a friendship made through social media and now the police is investigating the matter.

Moreover, 16-year-old girl, studying in class-11. Last May, a person named Gaurav Sharma sent a request to her on Instagram ID. After that she accepted the request, the girl and Gaurav became friends. When Gaurav called her to meet, both had a conversation and parted ways. On May 6 last, Gaurav called minor to meet him, later he took her on a bike to a hotel, where Gaurav had committed rape twice. When she refused to communicate with him, he blackmailed her and took her to a hotel, threatening to make the videos of our private moments viral.

Not only this, Gaurav blackmailed minor and sent her to a hotel with his friend Adarsh. Adarsh also raped her. After repeatedly raping both the minors, the minor got pregnant. Both the men blackmailed her by threatening to make the video viral. 3 lakh had been seized, so that the minor told the entire fact when asked by the parents, while the minor remained silent. In this regard, Nikol police has registered a case against both of them under sections including POCSO and arrested one accused, Gaurav Sharma, and started further investigation, the search for the other accused is going on.

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