February 25, 2024

AMC wakes up with increasing number of accidents; AMC has to hire an operator from outside to operate this machine.

Ahmedabad: The number of accidents is increasing in A’bad. Various operations are carried out in the city by the traffic project department of the municipal corporation in coordination with the police, in which road marking work has been started by Traffic Project Department. Stripes are being applied through thermoplastic paint in the middle of the road, on bumps and at zebra crossings. By AMC 2 machines have been purchased at a cost of 30 lakhs, by which this operation will be speeded up.

One machine each in east-west area working

Traffic Project Department of Municipal Corporation is working on road marking at various places in Ahmedabad city. So far, machines were ordered and work was done by inviting tenders from the contractors, but now by the Municipal Corporation an automatic thermoplastic paint applicator machine has been purchased at a cost of Rs. 30 lakhs. Through which road marking is now being done in different areas of the city. One machine each has been put into operation in both the east and west areas of the city.

Continuous monitoring of work in mobile phone

According to the traffic project department, the automatic thermoplastic paint applicator machine is also equipped with CCTV cameras and GPS system. So whether the corporation is working properly through this machine or not? It continuous monitoring can be done in mobile as well. Road marking in the city was till now done and operated by manual machine method, due to which the work was slow. However, now due to the introduction of this automatic machine, the road work will be done quickly. AMC has to hire an operator from outside to operate this machine. Through which the machine is operated.

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