February 25, 2024

After the abduction, the terrorists demanded 1 lakh US dollars or 70 kg of drugs

Ahmedabad : Another Gujarati has been killed in Mexico. A young man named Ketan Shah, originally from Ahmedabad and living in Mexico for the last 4 years, has been killed with the intention of robbery. It has been revealed that, the attackers robbed and killed 10 thousand dollars. According to media reports, Since 2019 Ketan shah was working in a company called Torrent Pharma. On Saturday, he went to Mexico City’s International Airport to exchange $10,000 in currency. After, when he was returning with his father in the car from Miguel area in Mexico city, then 2 men came on bike and fired on them.Although, 2 robbers on bikes carried out the robbery by firing. As the attackers fired, Ketan Shah died on the spot. The CCTV footage of this incident also came to light. After which the Indian Embassy in Mexico also tweeted to confirm the death of the Indian citizen.

Apart from that, on June 3, Hiren Gajera went to a friend’s father’s birthday party. Hiren Gajera was abducted by Colombian terrorists from the city of Ampalam in South America while returning from there. After the abduction, the terrorists demanded 1 lakh US dollars or 70 kg of drugs. After some hesitation, the terrorists were ready to release Hiren Gajera for 20 thousand US dollars.Further, the terrorists made a condition that Hiren Gajera’s wife would bring the money alone. The condition was accepted by his family. However, the terrorists killed Hiren Gejra and threw his body in the river. After this incident, the family was devastated.

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