February 25, 2024

People allege that gujarat university couldn’t follow the academic calendar but private university follow.

Ahmedabad : According to the academic calendar, the admission process in Gujarat University was to be completed by June 20 and the academic work was to start from June 21. It has been in place for two months, but the admission process is still going on or in some colleges, the academic work process hasn’t started yet. Regarding this, the student association has submitted to the chancellor that the admission process should be completed and the studies of the students should be started.

Admission process was also done in private university along with Gujarat University, but admission process is still going on in Gujarat University, while in private university the study has been started since 2 months. Gujarat University could not follow the academic calendar, but private universities follow the academic calendar.

Academic Calendar of Gujarat University

  • Completion of admission process from 1st to 20th June
  • To start teaching work from 21st June
  • Diwali vacation from November 10 to November 30
  • Completion of first session by 16 December
  • The second session will run from December 18 to April 30

Regarding this, NSUI leader said that, while the admission process in the university is about to be completed, seats have been increased in the colleges. We had earlier demanded to increase the seat. Students will not get enough days to study. If the academic calendar is not maintained, we demand that, the admission process be completed immediately so that studies can commence on time.

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