February 25, 2024

Both were immediately shifted to a nearby private hospital for treatment and the condition is critical

Surat : A serious accident happened in Surat. When the driver of a crane hit the father and son, who were standing on the side of the road with a bike and plunged about 20 feet. When the tire rolled again. A crowd of people gathered around the accident and an ambulance was immediately called and both were shifted to a private hospital for treatment.

The speed of the crane driver was such that the father and son were thrown about 20 feet with the bike. In which the bike was also trapped under the crane. When the giant tires of the crane rolled off the feet of the father and son. So that both the legs crushed very badly. Both were immediately shifted to a nearby private hospital for treatment. At present, the condition of both is critical.

A large number of people had gathered after the accident by the driver of the crane. People caught the driver of the crane. After that, father and son were taken out from under the crane and taken to the hospital. Also informed the police. When the police reached the spot, the driver of the crane was handed over to the police. At present, the police conducted further investigation.

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