February 25, 2024

Police are currently investigating further; However, the cause of suicide has not been found in this case as well.

Surat : Two youth suicide cases have come to know in Pandesara area, Surat. A 34-year-old youth living in Dindayal Nagar committed suicide by hanging himself by closing the door of his house, while a 25-year-old youth also committed suicide by hanging himself in Pandesara. In the suicide incident of two migrant youths in Surat, no cause of suicide has been found yet.

According to information, 34-year-old Krishna Shetty, originally from Odisha, was living with a relative in Dindayal Nagar in Pandesara area. The family consists of a wife and two sons who live in the native. Krishna used to work in the looms account to support the family. He used to work at night in Looms account. Yesterday at half past six, Krishna and his two relatives went to work after having dinner at home. Later that night, Krishna was going home from Looms account without telling anyone. Relatives who returned in the morning found the door of the house locked and Krishna hanging from the window. The cause of Krishna’s suicide is not known. Then the police have conducted further investigation on the issue.

In the second case, the family of 25-year-old Rajkumar Pandey, who hails from Uttar Pradesh and lives in Pandesara area, lives in the hometown. Deceased was helping the family financially by working in digital printing. Last night he was sitting with his friends, after going home he closed the door of the room and the deceased hanged himself. When friends came to know, they informed the police. Police are currently investigating further. However, the cause of suicide has not been found in this case as well.

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