December 11, 2023

Besides, police confiscated various vehicles from the place for enjoying the liquor; police seized money worth lakhs.

Vadodara : A birthday party organized by youths in the city’s Akota area caused a stir when the police raided and nabbed as many as 21 young men and women. Before the party could get any more colourful, the police raided and intoxicated the young men and women who participated in the party. The police arrested as many as 21 young men and women, and seized items including liquor-beer bottles, cold drinks, two-wheelers, four-wheelers. The liquor party seized from the society created a stir in the area.

According to the information received, the Gotri police received information that liquor party was going on in a rustic bungalow opposite Akota guest house in the city. Acting on a tip-off, the police raided the rustic bungalow within minutes after keeping watch. As soon as the police knocked on the closed door of the bungalow, 21 young men and women who were enjoying the alcohol feast lost their senses. When the police raided the place where the liquor party was held, the drunken youths got drunk. When the police raided, the partying young men and women begged them to leave, but the police did not respond. As the police started taking photos and videos of the ongoing party, the youths started hiding their faces. On the other hand, on hearing about the incident in the area, crowds of people flocked to the rustic bungalow.

Moreover, the police raided the bungalow late at night and seized items including liquor bottles, cold drinks bottles, baiting. Besides, the police also confiscated various vehicles from the place for enjoying the liquor. Thus, the police seized money worth lakhs from the spot. Before Diwali, Gotri police had taken action to conduct blood test of 21 youths who were arrested. Following this operation that lasted all night, some youth’s family and friends rushed to the police station. Some people were also found to have made unsuccessful attempts to free their children under political pressure. Even in the morning, the families of the young men and women who were caught enjoying alcohol at the Gotri police station came running.

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