February 25, 2024

People are being shifted to the low-lying areas of villages around Madhavpur at night.

Porbandar: More than 2,500 people have been displaced in Porbandar Panthak due to heavy rains and overflowing water. Before the heavy rain water of Junagadh district reaches the Ghed area, the district administration has made advance preparations and the NDRF team has also arrived for rescue operations.

Due to heavy rain in Porbandar district and upriver, a team of 2458 people including Ghed area has been moved and the affected have been moved to sheltered places. This operation of shifting is going on war footing by the district administration. Teams including NDRF, Police, Panchayat Department, Municipal Corporation are working to move the affected people to a safe place under the guidance of District Collector KD Lakhani. So far a total of 2458 people have been shifted in Porbandar district. In which 1900 people have been relocated in Porbandar taluka and 558 in Kutiyana taluka. Apart from this, the evacuation of all the remaining affected people is being carried out. People are being shifted to the low-lying areas of villages around Madhavpur at night.

Originally at Madhavpur, the staff including the Mamlatdar as well as the NDRF team alerted the people about the flood situation. Originally people in Madhavpur and Porbandar bay area were persuaded to migrate. Dams in Porbandar district are overflowing and considering the possibility of more water coming if it rains, people in low-lying areas especially Madhavpur of Ghed, originally Madhavpur, Amipur dam area and the coastal belt in the low-lying area of Porbandar are being warned and evacuation is also going on. This work of evacuating the people was continued till late night by the district administration.

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