February 29, 2024

Workers have been demanding their rightful money; though, this step has to be taken for not getting money.

Surat : The ex-employees of JB Brothers diamond company located in Varachha area of Surat staged a dharna protest at the labor department office today. The company had abruptly laid off more than 270 employees a year ago due to the downturn in the diamond industry. At this time, the employees alleged that they have not received the gratuity money due from the company. The ex-employees have taken the path of agitation to get it immediately.

In addition, the diamond industry in Surat has gone through a major recession before and is still facing a recession when the diamond industry and companies have laid off gem workers in the past. Similarly, about a year ago, the JB Brothers diamond company in Varachha area suddenly laid off about 270 diamond workers working in their company due to recession. It is alleged that all these dismissed employees and the amount of benefits including gratuity provided by the company have not been paid. Due to which these employees have adopted the path of agitation.

In the end, after the dismissal of the diamond workers, even after a year has passed, all the ex-employees have not received their rightful gratuity, and finally, all the ex-employees are angry and went on strike today. For their rights, 270 diamond workers staged a sit-in and took the path of agitation. For a long time now, they have been demanding their rightful money from the company. Finally, not getting the money, they have chosen to protest outside the office.

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