December 11, 2023

Dummy SIM cards were wrongly issued in the name of those persons, so on further investigation it was found out.

Vadodara : Vadodara Cybercrime Police have arrested three more people from another gang of thugs. Further action has been taken by arresting the person who issued 4000 SIM cards in three years and the person who provided the data to him and the person who gave the account to the gang on the pretext of online fraud. 6 mobiles, 1 laptop have been seized from the accused. These people used to get documents for 20 rupees and supply SIM cards to the crooks involved in bin trading for 500 rupees.

Regarding the action taken against these persons, a complaint was filed earlier at the Cybercrime Police Station by Praveen Chatragun Varat, in which Shraddha Patel from Angel World Finance Company was talking to the complainant from an unknown WhatsApp mobile number. 2,16,700 was deposited in the complainant’s account on trust that the complainant would get good returns by investing in shares of different companies.

Thereafter, the complainant was pressured to pay more rupees even though he made a total investment of Rs 12,06,000 by contacting Angel World Finance through different mobile numbers, so that the complainant did not pay more money due to suspicion of him. Later, after the complainant did not get the same response and stopped picking up the phone, he finally filed a complaint at the cyber crime police station. Later on investigation by Vadodara Cybercrime Police with the help of technical and human sources, after seeking information about the numbers of SIM cards used in this crime, it was found that dummy SIM cards were wrongly issued in the name of those persons, so on further investigation it was found out. That is how many dummy SIM cards are issued. After technical analysis of the information obtained from the used bank account and with the help of human intelligence, investigation by different teams in Surat and Mehsana districts, 3 accused were arrested and further legal action has been taken.

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