A friend reached the hospital in a rickshaw but could not survive.

Surat : Heart attack deaths are increasing in the state including Surat. At that time, it is suspected that one more youth died of a heart attack in Surat. A friend took the 35-year-old youth to the hospital after suffering from chest pain. However, the doctor on duty checked and declared him dead. Due to the death of the youth, the family has lost support.

According to the information, 35-year-old Jitendra Gautam originally lived in Santosh Nagar, located in Parvatgam area of Uttar Pradesh and Surat. The family consists of a wife, a son and a daughter who live in the native land. While Jeetendra came to Surat 8 months ago in search of employment and was staying with friends. At present, he was working as a sewing machine operator to support his family. Jitendra was present at home yesterday. Meanwhile, suddenly he started having pain in his chest. So fellow friends brought medicine and he recovered a bit. After that, due to chest pain again, fellow friends took Jitendra in a rickshaw and reached Smimer Hospital. However, the doctor on duty declared him brought dead.The wife was shocked when the family living in the hometown was informed about the death of the young man. When two children lost their father’s support, the family was in mourning. At present, it is suspected that the young man died of a heart attack. While efforts have been made by the relatives to take the dead body home after the post-mortem.

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