Police investigation revealed that deceased man is mentally retarded.

Vadodara : A man died after mysteriously falling into a 150-feet deep empty well in Rupapura village of Nandesari near Vadodara city. When the TP-13 fire brigade was informed about the incident, the troops reached the spot and after a lot of effort, they took out the body of the young man from the bottom of the well and handed it over to the police. The police registered a case of accidental death and took further action. A preliminary investigation by the police revealed that the youth was mentally retarded. This created a stir in the area. On the other hand, the family members were devastated.

According to the information, 35-year-old Rupesh Parmar mysteriously fell into a 150-feet deep empty well in Rupapura village of Nandesari near Vadodara. When the family came to know about this, they came running. Along with this, the incident was reported to the control room of Vadodara Fire and Emergency Department, the fire brigade of the fire station of Chhani TP-13 immediately rushed to the spot and carried out a rescue operation to remove the body of the young man who had fallen into the well.The fire brigade used a special type of ladder to carry out the rescue operation. A fire brigade equipped with safety equipment descended into the 150 feet deep empty well and after a great effort reached the bottom of the deep well and pulled out the body of the young man. Even the people gathered in the crowd were shaken as the father moved his hand over the head of the dead son. In the meantime, the police took possession of the body and carried out the procedure for postmortem. The police registered a case and took action regarding this incident. Police investigation revealed that Rupesh Parmar is mentally retarded.

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