February 25, 2024

The food department raided and seized 151 bags of 5 kg each prepared during the night

Moreover, food and Drugs Department has become active in Gujarat. A crackdown has been called on traders selling adulterated products. Late last night, the Food and Drug Department raided a factory manufacturing duplicate chillies at Vijapur in Mehsana district.

During the entire raid, 3858 kg of adulterated chilli was recovered from the spot. The Mehsana Food Department raided the firm of Mahesh Maheshwari in Vijapur based on information.

Furthermore, the official of the food department raided the firm alone at 12 o’clock in the night. Where the manager himself was caught to putting color powder in the chili. The officer later informed the food inspector and the local police and the police also came.

The Mehsana Food Department raided and seized 3858 kg of chillies from the Vijapur firm. During the raid, the food department seized the color powder used in chili.

Lastly, 151 bags of five kg each prepared in the night were seized. Further action has been taken by taking samples in this case. A total of 3858 kg of chilli powder was seized by the food department. This chili was sold at 200 rupees per kg. The businessman used to sell chili in Madhupura area of Ahmedabad.

Earlier, the same trader has been caught making fake coriander powder and chili. 10,44,885 worth of cash has been seized by the police. The arrested person has turned out to be a habitual criminal of the food department. The details of three food cases pending against him have come to know.

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