February 29, 2024

The police had investigated the whole matter in the questioning of the accused.

Surat : Eight months ago, a robbery of two crore rupees was started inside a flour mill in Maharashtra by four persons, after which the criminals robbed a businessman living in Adajan area of Surat and ran away from there, but the police realized the seriousness of the matter and arrested the four accused. Within a few hours, accused founded arrested and handed over to jail. On the other hand, the Adajan police, who created fear among the people, staged a public procession and reconstructed the incident. As many as four persons barged into the house of a businessman named Sachin living in Sunlight Residency near Parashuram Garden in Adajan area of Surat. After the persons who fought and scuffled with Sachin, after beating up the businessman and robbing the mobile phone, the accused escaped.

On being informed about the incident, Adajan Police immediately rushed to the spot and started investigation into the incident. However, all the men managed to escape before the police arrived. The police registered a crime based on Sachin’s complaint and blockaded the city. Within hours, the Adajan police caught the four persons and counted the bars of the jail. Based on the complaint registered in the police book, it was found that eight months ago, a flour mill was set up in Maharashtra by businessman Sachin and the accused. Two crore rupees were invested in the partnership. Later this partnership was dissolved due to some reasons. As the accused were going to take money from the businessman Sachin, the accused had robbed Surat Ali Pathani, now the police had investigated the whole matter in the questioning of the accused.

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