February 25, 2024

875 liters diesel from 25 carabaos, including phone at Rs. 20.90 lakh worth of goods seized.

Anand : A team of Anand LCB police on Tuesday night set up a watch at Odd circle in Anand district and nabbed four persons belonging to an interstate gang involved in stealing diesel. It was discovered that the persons who had placed the pump in the storage of the isolated petrol pump were stealing diesel. The police found a plastic car, diesel and a truck from the arrested four and confiscated the goods worth more than Rs.20.90 lakh. Anand LCB police team was on night patrol on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the police received information that some members of the inter-state gang were roaming in Anand Panthak to steal diesel from the storage of a secluded petrol pump and were now approaching Odd circle. So the police team was set in watch there.

Meanwhile, the police stopped a truck as described by the informer and arrested the four persons in the truck. The police opened the tarpaulin attached to the back of the truck and found 25 plastic containers filled with diesel. Along with this, pumps and pipes were also found. When the police inquired about it, they started shouting. On inquiring about the names of those arrested, the police said they were Rajendra Kale, Rama Pawar, Ganesh Pawar and Ganesh Pawar. After questioning him strictly, he confessed that the diesel found in Carabao was stolen. The police found a total of 875 liters of diesel, two mobiles, a pump and a truck from carbas and seized a total of Rs. 20,90,325 worth and conducted further investigation.

These four members of the interstate diesel stealing gang loaded the transport goods in the truck, emptied the goods at that place and used to check the petrol pumps in the area and chose the petrol pumps around which there are hotels or residential areas and stole the diesel by placing the pump in the storage of the petrol pump at night. A month and a half before the police interrogated the four arrested persons, 1,000 liters of diesel was pumped into the storage of a petrol pump near Sarsa Big circle and diesel was pumped into the storage of different petrol pumps on Jambusar Highway, Chotila Highway, Nandurbar-Maharashtra Highway and Dhondai-Maharashtra Highway. He confessed to stealing. Three of the arrested persons were earlier arrested in four cases of diesel theft in Aurangabad and two in Salapur.

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