So parents of this child have not been found yet. The parents of the child are still being searched.

Surat : The family ran away, abandoning the baby, who was admitted to the Surat Civil Hospital as soon as it was born. The child was being treated in the civil hospital for four months. Civil hospital doctors were taking care of this child. The child was being treated in the NICU ward. A month and a half after the child was admitted, the parents left, which was also captured in CCTV. This child has died after four months. However, the police have not yet been able to trace the parents.

Moreover, Surat Civil Hospital doctor Praful Bambharoliya filed a complaint against the child’s mother and father at the Khatodara police station on December 26, 2023. A newborn baby was born at Kamrej CHC center on October 30 and was referred to New Civil Hospital for further treatment. The baby was sent to NICU for further treatment as the condition of the baby was critical. The child was having trouble breathing. So the doctor treated him in the presence of his parents. On December 8, the parents of the newborn child who called the parents of the child to inform them about the condition of the child, were nowhere to be found in the hospital. So, on questioning the staff of the hospital, it was found that the parents of this child were not coming for the last four-five days.The child’s parents used to call the mobile number registered in the civil hospital and the swif off would come. The parents of the newborn child did not even come to meet or see their child since last December 8. After giving birth to the child, she brought her civilly for treatment, did not tell her true and complete name and address, but with the intention of hiding the fact, left her alive and abandoned her. So a complaint has been registered in Khatodara police. The police launched a search for the parents.

According to doctors, mother’s milk was initially given whenever the baby needed milk. However, her mother fell ill and was admitted to the Civil Hospital. After that the whole family ran away. The SNCU ward doctors were taking care of this child for the last 4 months. The baby was being given milk from the milk bank in the civil hospital. However, the child died during the treatment.According to Khatodara police, baby of Manisha died during four months of treatment. At that time, the police started searching for her parents. The phone number and address were also written wrongly. So parents of this child have not been found yet. The parents of the child are still being searched.

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