The Mahant of Khodiyar Ashram in Savarkundla will also do 41 days of silence during the penance.

Currently, the heat of summer is falling. In the midst of this, Saraswati Bharthiji of Vankana Ara’s Khodiyar Ashram in Savarkundla is undergoing intense penance for 41 days in scorching heat.

A nun Saraswati Bharthiji will make five big piles of muck and light a fire in them and sit between the five fire pit and do penance for 41 days. Currently, the temperature is being recorded up to 43 degrees.

Further, nun Saraswati Bharthiji is performing the Panchdhuni ceremony. If one day is missed, Panchdhuni has to be burnt again in the next year, which is obligatory in the ritual.

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