A complaint has been lodged against both the men in the Sayajiganj police station.

Vadodara : In Vadodara, two persons defrauded a businessman of 5.25 lakh rupees by renting 2 cameras and not returning them. A complaint has been registered in Sayajiganj police station in this matter. Further action has been taken based on the police complaint. Amir Abba Sabhai Vora Patel, who lives in Shabana Park on Tandalja Road, Vadodara, has said in the complaint lodged at the Sayajiganj Police Station that my D. S. LR. S. I am doing my business by renting electrical equipment called Wala, including cameras, lights, audio, on auspicious occasions. On April 6 at 9.05 pm 2 men came to my shop. I was told that there is an event in a private university and I need two cameras for shooting. So 2 cameras worth 5.25 lakhs were given on rent.

Moreover, I gave both the cameras along with the accessories of both the cameras to both accused, after which Tejas Prajapati gave the Aadhaar card, in which the name and address of Rahul Kanabhai Sabadia was written and the signed blank check was given as security deposit. Then this Tejas told me that after the completion of the event, both the cameras will be returned tomorrow on April 7 at 9 pm. GPS in both these cameras. The system was installed. Tejas called me on April 7 at around 10.30 am and said, I want the third camera, give it to me at Mandvi, Vadodara. So I told him that I don’t have a man, if you want, bring him to the shop. So the phone was cut off. Then when I called him, the phone kept switching off, after checking the Aadhaar card given by him online and checking the check privately, both the documents were found to be fake. Tejas did not come to deposit the camera at nine o’clock in the night, so the location of Indrapuri Road was coming towards Waghodia Road after checking with the GPS system. While investigating, one GPS system was found alone in a drain beside the road and the other was not found. After that, I filed an application in Sayajiganj Police Station and during the investigation of my application, it was found that the real name of this Rahul is Tejas Prajapati and the other Isam Ashish Makwana. A complaint has been lodged against both the men in the Sayajiganj police station.

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