February 29, 2024

Statements of airline staff taken, demand to verify CCTV; The family of Ahmedabad came from Malaysia on a Vietjet flight.

Ahmedabad : Like railways and buses, traveling to the airport is no longer safe. Cases of theft of passengers’ luggage at airports are on the rise. Two months ago, gold jewelery was stolen from the passenger handbag of a 61-year-old woman in Ahmedabad. While this incident is still fresh, another major theft incident has taken place at Ahmedabad airport. There has been a shocking incident of theft of luggage by breaking the passenger’s bag in Ahmedabad airport. 5 lakhs including jewelery was stolen from the bag of a passenger coming from Malaysia. As can be said from the second incident in a row, there is no trust in the security of passengers’ luggage at Ahmedabad airport.

According to information received, the family of Ahmedabad came from Malaysia on a Vietjet flight. A Vietjet flight landed at Ahmedabad airport on Saturday, in which a Patidar family came to Ahmedabad from Malaysia. On landing at Ahmedabad airport, the family went to the luggage to collect the bags, but the bag was open when it came from the conveyor belt. They were shocked to see this. When they checked, the valuables were missing from the bag. A total of Rs 5 lakh was stolen from the bag, including currencies of three countries, as well as gold jewellery.

After this, the family immediately contacted the airline, so the police were called by calling the 100 number control. Passenger Nikunj Patel said about this incident that, in my bag I had put 3 lakh currency of Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Indian currency notes of Rs.50 thousand. While there was also a gold worth 1.50 lakhs. All these things are missing.

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