Most of the patients suffering from skin diseases this year are adults.

Surat : In this season in Surat most of the patients are seen suffering from skin fungal infection. Currently, about 500 to 550 patients of fungal infection are coming for treatment in Skin Disease Department of New Civil Hospital. Patients complain of itching, redness and small rashes on the body due to scorching heat for the past few days. All types of creams and medicines available in the market are not providing relief. As the month of February passed, the number of patients started increasing. Due to the marine environment, the body becomes greasy and moist. This causes fungi such as dermatophytes and yeast to grow in the dead keratin and spread to greasy and moist areas. Due to which fungal infection of the skin occurs. The patients increase during working days.

Additionally, infections are caused by insects, bacteria, viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi during summer. This is also happening due to exposure to an infected patient. This happens to one person after another in many families. Many patients come in whose entire family is affected. The doctor said that there is no permanent cure, but as soon as the treatment and medication stop, it becomes dominant again. Its infection always remains in the body. It can be treated, but not eliminated. Fungal attack increases in humid environment in summer. This is the reason why most people these days have fallen victim to fungal infections. Doctors say that wearing tight clothes also invites this disease. Because of this, the bacteria of the clothes are always in contact with the body. That’s why it spreads so fast. Superintendent of Civil Hospital Dr. Ganesh Govekar said that the number of patients with skin diseases has increased due to heat. It has increased from 400 to 450 OPDs to 500 to 550. Fungus and photosensitivity patients are most frequent in summer. Patients complain that they used to self- medicate, but do not get relief. Currently, the number of patients is increasing.

On the other side, Dr. Ganesh Govekar said, wear loose cotton clothes, don’t wear jeans, synthetic and tight clothes. Avoid using items such as soap and towels from an infected patient. Patients suffering from sunlight allergy should not go out unnecessarily. There has also been an increase in patients suffering from gomorrhagia, ringworm, eczema, white spots and allergies. Doctors say that every year a large number of skin disease patients come to Civil Hospital, but this year there has been an increase of 40 percent. According to details received from the Civil Hospital, most of the patients suffering from skin diseases this year are adults.

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