February 29, 2024

Experiment – Municipality contracts with National Highways Authority for waste

Surat: SMC has got an option to remove the waste in the above solid waste side to give headache. The Highways Authority has decided to construct 500 meters of road on the Mumbai Delhi Express Highway using this solid waste.

For this, a special agreement has also been made between the Highway Authority and Surat Municipal Corporation. This solid waste will be used on an experimental basis. Initially, 6,000 tonnes of waste will be transported out of which a 500 meter highway will be prepared.

Moreover, the collection of this waste has also started from June 19. If this experiment is successful, the solid waste can be used to build more highways. It’s village in Surat comes under Package 6 of the Delhi Mumbai Express Highway project.

Lab testing of solid waste was conducted at SVNIT
Lastly, highway authority had tested the solid waste from SVNIT, after which it was decided to use this solid waste in some elements to build the expressway. According to the officials, 75 were taken to the alignment on Tuesday. The target is 750 times daily garbage collection, where the monsoon has not started. However, this work will come to a standstill during monsoons.

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