Voter awareness program is conducted by the municipality.

Surat : In the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, the municipal system is working hard to ensure maximum voting in Gujarat including Surat on May 7. For the first time in Surat, 57 LED screens are displaying the voter awareness advertisement to encourage more people to exercise their right to vote. Apart from this, different jingle tunes are being played on 1048 for door-to-door garbage collection, appealing to the voters of Surat city to cast their vote.

Moreover, voting will be held on May 7 in all 26 seats of Gujarat including Surat Lok Sabha. In the coming days, campaigning has been started by the candidate of the political party to get votes, on the other hand, efforts are being made by the administrative system to create awareness for maximum number of voters to exercise their right to vote in the Lok Sabha elections. All Government and Semi Government properties included in Surat City by Surat Corporation such as Surat International Airport, Surat Railway Station, Central Bus Station, Zilla Seva Sadan, Surat Municipal Corporation Head Office, all Zonal Offices and all Civic Amenity Centers included in Surat City as well as multiplex theatres, Banners including signature campaign programs have been put up at various malls to create voting awareness and provide guidance for maximum voting. Apart from this, the voters of Surat city are being appealed to vote by playing different jingle tunes on 1048 for Door to Door Garbage Collection of Surat Municipality. Voter awareness program is conducted by the municipality and the voters present in the program are taking a pledge that they will vote their families along with voting themselves. Apart from this, various banners regarding voting awareness have been installed for the first time on 57 LED screens to attract the attention of people in Surat Municipality for voting awareness.

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