Police registered a case of abetment of suicide against all of them and took legal action.

Surat : A case of abetment of suicide has been registered against six in the suicide case of a diamond merchant in Sarthana, Surat. While working together in diamonds, Rohit, a thug friend who became an acquaintance, ordered diamond goods from South Africa and sold them repeatedly and cheated the businessman friend of millions. It may be mentioned here that the deceased businessman had given 58.50 lakh rupees to thug Rohit for business. A diamond merchant living in Sarthana area has cheated his own friend. So finally the businessman committed suicide by swallowing the poisonous medicine after being cheated of lakhs of rupees by a familiar friend. In this incident, Sarthana police have registered a crime of abetment of suicide against a total of six persons after taking the complaint of the businessman’s son yesterday and taking legal action.

According to the information, Ashwin Vekaria, who lived in Angel Palace on Laskana Kholwad Road in Sarthana area, had a diamond office at Varachha Mini Bazaar. When Ashwin was working as a gem artist, he also had a person named Rohit Akolia working with him. So both were introduced. After that, both of them started diamond business. Later Anil Yadav, Ashok Dangar, Alpesh Siroya, Kishore Korat and Vijay Dhamelia came in contact with Rohit through Ashwin. Rohit also came to stay with Ashwin’s building upstairs. So the friendship became stronger. Meanwhile, Rohit talked about doing diamond business in South Africa and also getting high profits if he invests. So Ashwin came to his talk and invested Rs 58.50 lakhs and gave money to Rohit for business venture.

Along with Rohit, Anil Yadav, Ashok Dangar, Alpesh Shiroya, Kishore Korat and Vijay Dhamelia also gave millions of rupees to Rohit for business ventures. But later Rohit took the goods of diamonds and sold them repeatedly without returning even a single rupee of profit or capital. So finally, after being cheated, all Ashwin’s friends got together and started pressurizing Ashwin for money. If Rohit doesn’t give profit and money then you have to pay all this money, started threatening Ashwin. Finally, a day earlier, Ashwin swallowed poison and was rushed to the hospital for immediate treatment. He was declared dead where there was a doctor on duty. After the incident, Ashwin’s son Hardik Vekaria filed a complaint in the Sarthana police station and the police registered a case of abetment of suicide against all of them and took legal action.

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