February 29, 2024

The heart reached Mumbai covering a distance of 298 km in 85 minutes and was transplanted.

Surat: Known as the textile and diamond city, Surat is now becoming known as the organ donor city in the country. Another organ has been donated from Surat amid Cyclone Biparjoy. The family of brain dead 42-year-old Dayanand Varma, who was working as a security guard, has shown a new direction to the society by donating Dayanand’s heart, liver, kidney and eyes to six persons, spreading the fragrance of humanity. The heart reached Mumbai covering a distance of 298 km in 85 minutes and was transplanted.

The family agreed to organ donation
After getting the information about Dayanand’s brain dead, Donate Life team reached the hospital and explained the importance of organ donation and its entire process to Dayanand’s wife, son, Dayanand’s fellow employees. Dayanand’s wife said, We belong to a very ordinary family. We cannot donate any things in life. Today my husband’s brain dead and his death is certain. When the body is going to be ashes, she agreed to donate organs, if as many organ failure patients get a new life through the donation of their organs.

Heart transplant done in Mumbai

Moreover, a 65-year-old person, Mumbai has transplanted a donated heart from Surat’s Maitri Multi Superspeciality Hospital, a distance of 298 km to Mumbai in 85 minutes by air. A 55-year-old resident is undergoing a liver transplant at Zydus Hospital, Ahmedabad. Both the donated kidneys will be transplanted in two needy patients at a hospital in Ahmedabad.

Green corridors were created by the police

The route from Maitri Multi Superspeciality Hospital to Surat Airport was made a Green Corridor by Surat City Police for timely delivery of hearts, livers and kidneys by air to Mumbai and Ahmedabad.

Lastly, it is mentioning that, 99 green corridors have been created by Surat city police so far to deliver important organs like heart, lung, hand, small intestine, liver and kidney to different cities of the country on time.​​​​​​

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