The family was in mourning after knowing this incident.

Surat : A 7-year-old child has died after drowning in Surat’s Udha Kharwarnagar canal. When the parents were sleeping in the morning, the child left the house without telling anyone. A 7-year-old child went to bathe in the Kharwarnagar canal with a friend, and the family reached the police station after the child did not return home till late. Then the police showed the photo to the family and recognized it as their child. The family was shocked to hear the news that the child’s body was found in the canal. Abdul Kalam Ansari, a native of Bihar’s Muzaffarnagar and living at the Royal Apartments near the Kharwarnagar canal in Udhana, works as a saree-folder. His 7-year-old son Mohammad Jisan was studying in Class 2 at Abdul Kalam School in Bhathena. His parents were sleeping in the morning as the month of Ramadan was going on. In the meantime, Mohammad Jisan had gone to bathe at the Kharwarnagar canal with his friend without telling anyone at home.

However, halfway through, his friend returned. But Jisan did not come home, the family started searching. The fire department was notified by an unidentified citizen. So the fire department and police staff reached the canal and took out the body of the child. When Jisan’s family reached the police station about the missing child, the police showed the family a photo and identified it as their child. The family was in mourning when it came to light that Jisan, who had gone for a bath, drowned in the water of the canal.

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