February 25, 2024

Vesu’s couple took money to build a bungalow

Surat: A Vesu couple has been booked for allegedly borrowing Rs 70.35 lakh from a Parle Point builder for a bungalow construction contract in Olpad. When the builder demanded money, the couple threatened to break his handrails. A 59-year-old builder living in Parle Point Ganesh Bungalows, has lodged a complaint with the Vesu Police.

Further, the police have registered a case of cheating and intimidation against Karthik Arun Soni, a construction business, and his wife Mittal Karthik Soni. Karthik Soni is an authorized signatory of Mokashaw Infra Project Limited and his wife Mittal is a working in the company.

4 years ago Kartik met to builder, when he was doing construction business as a builder. Kartik called the office builder at Vesu, where Kartik and his wife told the builder that the Glorious Bungalow project is underway at Narthana, Olpad. In the project, the contract to build a bungalow has been awarded.Hence the need for money.

Though the couple borrowed 70.35 lakhs from the builder. The couple told the builder that, if the money could not be given, they had talked about giving a bungalow in Glorious instead. After the couple kept making promises to the builder. The couple gave a guarantee to the builder to provide complete documentation of the bungalow including the cost and notarized it in person with the lawyer.

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