In viral video they enjoyed liquor party, alcohol served at birthday party.

Surat : To say that there is liquor ban in Gujarat, but there is no city or village in the state where liquor is not sold or consumed freely. Talking about Surat, the people here are known for living a life of fun. Every month, crores worth of alcohol is sold and consumed here. After the video of drinking alcohol during the birthday celebration went viral, the police arrested 8 Nabiras and took legal action. Pandesara Police has arrested the person who made the video of the liquor party viral. A person named Vikas Rajput made the videos of the alcohol party go viral. 8 people who threw a birthday party have been arrested. Crimes have been registered against Vikas Rajput before.

According to the information, the video has been uploaded on the Instagram ID of Vikasingh Rajput. Sources said that a liquor party was held on the occasion of the birthday of a youth named Rudra Mishra. It is written that the young man whose birthday belongs to Rudra Mishra had a full enjoyment on his birthday. The information is coming out that Vikassingh Rajput and Rudra Mishra are involved in a number two business. The entire viral video is being speculated to be from Pandesara area. It has been revealed in a viral video that Gandhi’s Gujarat is full of liquor. So the demand for strict action is rising in social media.

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