February 25, 2024

Other companies were left waiting to do the work at a lower price.

Surat : The ruling BJP in the Surat Municipal Corporation awarded computer operator supply companies Aakar and Sukani through a tendering process within 2020 for one year and two more years to supply operators to various posts in the municipality with an annual increment of 10%, but these three years After completion, instead of conducting a new tendering process, a controversy has arisen that the two companies were re-assigned today. The Standing Committee assigned 19,300 operator per month articles for three more years to reap huge financial benefits, which is actually alleged to be against the rule. Even though it was known for a long time that the three years were about to end, the tender was not issued for this. Another company supplying man power, including computer operators, has written to the commissioner and informed that, through a letter to the Surat Municipal Commissioner, we are ready to do the same work subject to all these conditions at a price of Rs 16 thousand. It has been found that more agencies are willing to provide computer operators to the Surat Municipal Corporation at a lower price than if the tender had actually been issued.

Moreover, opposition leader Payal Sakaria said that the SMC could have made an annual profit of crores of rupees, but due to deep-rooted corruption, the Standing Committee went above and assigned the work in advance and became responsible for an estimated loss of 80 crore rupees to the Surat Municipal Corporation. The Commissioner is required to immediately rescind this resolution and conduct a fresh tendering process. We oppose the open looting of the municipal coffers due to photo decisions.

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