February 25, 2024

A lecture by ISRO scientist was held at Bahauddin Science College: ISRO scientist gave information to the students about the projects including Milky Way, Stars, Chandrayaan, Gaganyaan.

Junagadh: A lecture by ISRO scientist was organized today at Bahauddin Science College, Junagadh, in which they said that, the universe was created 14 billion years ago, but 80 percent of the universe cannot be seen. Apart from this they gave information about Milky Way, Black Hole, Stars Chandrayaan, Gaganyaan.

In Junagadh’s 120-year-old historic Bahauddin College today, ISRO’s retired scientist R.M. Pandya’s 776th speech program was held, in which they told that, Girnar is full of many medicinal plants and oxygen, from the past to the future, astronomy and the movement of the earth and the movement in space, the Milky Way, black holes, various stars, white holes and the process of it and the satellite research done by scientists, including information including technology was given.

He further said that, the earth is alive only because of the energy of the sun. 14 billion years ago when the point exploded and the Big Bag galaxy was formed, the universe began. However, 80 percent of the universe cannot be seen at present and through the projector, they gave enough information to the future scientists about the researches and rules done by Galileo, Newton, Edmund Racey, Admin Hubble, rocket inventor Arthur Clarke and various scientists. Also expressed the possibility of a deluge after the next 1.5 billion years.

This project will move the sun to a point called Elvan, 521.5 million km away. Also the solar eclipse can be seen which will be launched in the coming days. In addition to this, in spiritual terms, he also referred to the origin of the universe in a spiritual way, as the primordial power, the Jagdamba, and when the universe split into two, Shiva and Shakti were the two forms of all. Jagadamba is also said to have a part in the main management of the universe.

Inclusion of Rugved as World Heritage

According to Professor, Rugved, the scripture of Hindu culture, has also been declared as World Heritage by UNESCO. Which can be considered a great achievement for Hindu culture. Rugved also gave accurate information about all kinds of information from the origin of the universe to the cataclysm.

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