February 29, 2024

The police have taken up the complaint and are conducting further investigation.

Surat : On the pretext of giving a loan of 10 crores to The Vankar Sahakari Sangh Lee Company located in the Vankar Sangh building on the Ring Road in Surat, three thugs from Talinadu cheated by stealing Rs 86.25 lakh and not providing the loan, in which he said that in 2019, the accused had taken a loan of Rs 10 crore from Funtline Fincorp Solutions and Rs 15 crore from Memrs Sai Sarnath Venture Pvt. in the pretext of getting three months of interest and inspection charges in advance due to the need for financial funds from their association The Surat Vankar Sahakari Sandh. 86,25,000 was seized in the name. And then the checks given in front of both the companies were returned without getting the loan. Rajinikanth Bachkaniwala demanded payment and gave false promises to pay, after passing the time, he shut down his mobile phone and office after passing the time. The police have taken up the complaint of Rajnikanth Bachkaniwala and are conducting further investigation.

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