February 25, 2024

The landlords threatened to stop the furniture work and sell the flat to someone else

Ahmedabad: The builder got Rs 92 lakh from the customer by showing the flat scheme in the city. The flat was not documented even though the customer was registered on the basis of the NOC given by the land owners. The owners of the land threatened to sell the flat to someone else and do whatever happened to the complainant flat holder by not allowing him to do the furniture work. So the complainant has filed a complaint of treachery and fraud against the builders.

Keyur Bhatt went to see the scheme at the address sent by this woman, where he liked the scheme and decided to buy a flat. The builder told him the price of the house is 90 lakh rupees and asked him to pay the cost of maintenance, GST and documents separately. Keyur Bhatt decided to take the third floor flat in this scheme after talking to the builder. He had given 92.80 lakh rupees piece by piece to a builder named Saurin. A woman working in Saurin’s office also sent a photo of the construction.

After the flat work was completed, Saurin asked him to start the furniture work. He used to make different excuses to document. While Keyur Bhatt was doing furniture work in this house, the owners of this land came and asked to stop the furniture work. The owners of this land said that, Saurin has not given us the money while saying that what is the problem if the complainant has paid them the money and given the NOC. So now we will sell these flats and recover our money. These people stopped the work of furniture by threatening to do whatever you want.

After asking these four land owners and Saurin Panchal to document our flat time and time again, they told them the fact that they have not given money to Sauri, neither these land owners nor Saurin Panchal have documented the flat. Also asking these land owners to document the flat, they asked them to give another 35 lakhs. On the other hand, the plaintiff said that all the money that was to be given for the flat has been paid. So no extra money is to be given. So the complainant has filed a complaint at the Alisbridge Police Station.

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