February 25, 2024

The govt hospital performed a complex surgery and gave the mother and child new life, whereas the private hospital refused for the treatment

Rajkot: A doctor’s tact and skill are put to the test in critical cases, which are usually seen only in the healthcare sector. Currently, in a similar case, the doctor of the gynecological department performed a similar surgery and gave new life to the mother and child. When the private hospital refused, the doctors of the government hospital made the dangerous surgery successful and the family thanked the doctors for saving the lives of the mother and child by removing a 10 cm tumor from the uterus.

It was necessary to perform an operation with the birth of the child
According to Gynecologist Dr. Partha Heerpara, Anuradha as a woman in labor, had a 10 cm tumor on the cervix below the baby’s head, which required an operation along with the baby’s birth. As the surgery was too risky, he was admitted to the government-run Padmakuvarba Hospital as many private hospitals refused to admit her.

The baby was born by cutting the part of the tumor to the side

Meanwhile, it was decided to deliver the baby by caesarean section. During caesarean section, part of the tumor was moved to the side and the baby was delivered happily. Later a complicated surgery of the uterine tumor was carried out amid the possibility of profuse bleeding. Both mother and child are healthy now.

Keeping the womb safe was a big responsibility

Dr. Parth further said that, this type of fibroid tumor occurs in the uterus mostly in women after 40 years. Then an operation is performed to remove the uterus, but in this woman’s case, since it was her first child, it was a big responsibility to keep the uterus safe. Also, many laparoscopic hysterectomies (total laparoscopic hysterectomy) have been performed at Padmakunwarba Hospital. At that time, he expressed the joy of successfully carrying out this one more surgery and giving new life to the mother and child.

The ‘Healthy Mother Healthy Child’ campaign was made worthwhile
According to Dr. Tarisha Merchant, President of Padmakunwarba Hospital, Rajkot District Hospital is number one in Gynecology department in Gujarat and the doctors of this hospital have proved their skills by successfully completing one more complex surgery today. By doing this surgery, the state government’s ‘Healthy Mother Healthy Child’ campaign has been made worthwhile by the doctors here.

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