He has since been arrested and further investigation has been conducted.

Surat : The complainant was cheated by transferring 7,50,042 to different bank accounts by saying that he would be given a commission on completion of the task of ordering hotels by saying that he would be given work from home on telegram in Surat. Based on this, the police conducted an investigation and arrested the accused. The accused and different Telegram I.D and pre-planned conspiracy was hatched by the above talkers and the bank account holders. The complainant will be given a commission for completing the task of ordering from the hotel by asking him to provide work from home. By saying such greedy things, username and password were created in the website in the name of the complainant. In it, a commission of 1,042 was given first after completing the task of ordering different hotels. Thereafter, the complainant was asked to generate different task orders and deluxe orders and pay. According to him, the complainant had transferred a total of Rs.7,50,042 in different bank accounts. Out of this, the complainant was allowed to withdraw Rs.55,360. Remaining Rs.6,94.682 and commission not allowed to withdraw. Thus the complainant was cheated.

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