Currently, three accused have been arrested in this incident.

Surat : Surat city is witnessing cases of extrajudicial killings and serious fatal attacks. A few hours after the brutal murder of a Sarajaher youth in Udhana, a rickshaw driver was brutally killed with a stone and a paddle near the Rangila Nagar vegetable market in Limbayat area of the city. It may be mentioned here that all the friends came together to settle the quarrel that happened a few days ago. Then, after drinking alcohol, the friends got together and killed the young man. Currently, the police has taken further action against the three accused. Yesterday on April 11, a young man was brutally murdered in public inside a car in Udhana area. The ink of this incident is not yet dry, there is also an incident of public eviction of a youth in Limbayat area of the city. Living in Mansarovar in the Godadara area of the city, Ravi Valmik Ahir used to drive an autorickshaw to support his family.

A few days earlier, Ravi had vandalized his bike after an altercation with a youth named Shiva alias Barapalli. Keeping the enmity of this vandalism, friends Shiva alias Barapalli and Harshal alias Dadu living near Rangila Nagar vegetable market and Manoj alias Satto living at Dindoli Navagam got together and called Ravi near Rangila Nagar vegetable market in Limbayat, where alcohol was drunk for reconciliation. Meanwhile, these three accused got together and abused Ravi and hit Ravi with stones on his head.

Apart from this, Ravi had also sustained injuries from being hit by a paddle. Due to which Ravi fell down there bleeding. Following the incident, he was rushed to the hospital for immediate treatment and his treatment was started. On the other hand, the police filed a case of attempted murder against Harshal alias Dadu, Manoj alias Satto and Shiva alias Barapalli on the complaint of his wife Poonam. However, today on April 12, when Ravi died during treatment, the police started efforts to register a case of murder. Ravi’s mother said that a friend had taken him to drink and after a quarrel, three-four persons killed him with stones and paddles. My son used to drive a rickshaw sometimes also sold liquor. Now I have no support, it has been 25 years since my husband passed away. We each had a son. Not leaving the accused alive. In this matter, DCP Bhagirath Gadhvi said that all these accused and the deceased are friends. A few days ago there was an uproar among all. Everyone gathered to settle it and there was another ruckus, in which this Ravi was put to death. Currently, three accused have been arrested in this incident.

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