In the coming time, NSUI will stand with the student and carry out a fierce agitation.

Vadodara : An uproar has surfaced today over poor quality food at the Girls Samras Hostel in the Polytechnic College campus of Vadodara. The students have expressed their agony to the media. The students were told that ants come out of food, grains, caterpillar bread. We do not get proper response if we complain to the contractor. Also roti is not edible. Complaints have been made many times but no action has been taken, today the in-charge Chief Warden made a fierce presentation in this matter and raised loud slogans. Vadodara city NSUI president Amar Vaghela said, low quality food grains are used in the food at Girls Samras Hostel. Insects often come out of food. Also there is a problem of water. Today we have met the warden and demanded to cancel the contract of such contractor. NSUI will never tolerate such manipulation of students. In the coming time, NSUI will stand with the student and carry out a fierce agitation.

Moreover, Amita Gozia, a hostel student, said that caterpillars and maggots often come out in the food. The contractor does not give a proper answer in this matter. We have complained many times but no action has been taken. Caterpillars came out again in the lunch today. We are not provided any facility like the one provided by the government. We have to go to fill the drinking water below. Another student said, ants came out of the bread, I went to the warden, talked to them, but no action was taken. The rotis are raw and not edible. Vegetables include raw potatoes. Food like Rajkot Samaras is not served here. Hetal Rawal, chief warden in charge of Samaras Girls Hostel, said that the health of the students will not be compromised. If necessary, full action will be taken to blacklist the agency. Gandhinagar has been informed. Proceedings are ongoing in this matter.

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