February 25, 2024

This dispute has been going on for the last two days; Although, now 75 police personnel including PI have been arranged for this dispute.

Botad : A devotee today tried to destroy the controversial murals in the vacant site of the foundation of the King of Salangpur statue in Salangpur by wielding an axe. Also, these murals were painted over with black paint. Police have arrested this person who broke the barricades and damaged the statue. The person has been identified as a resident of Charanki village in Gaghada taluka and his name has been revealed as Harshad Gadhavi.

This entire controversy has arisen as Hanumanji is seen as the servant of Lord Swaminarayan in the murals. Monks and saints also appealed to remove these murals. In such a situation, a Hanuman devotee painted black color on the controversial murals out of emotional pain. Strict arrangements have been made by the temple administration regarding that incident. Paravet bouncers and police have been deployed around the murals of the temple. Following the incident, Dy.SP reached the spot and started further investigation.

Regarding the incident, SP Kishor Balolia of Botad said that the person who attempted the attack has been identified as Harshad Gadhavi. There is a police presence in the temple, but as the temple has a huge premises and there is also a parking lot and a garden next to it. Harshad sneaked from Garden and reached the statue of Hanumanji. Police took him away from statue. An investigation is being carried out as to who else came with Harshad and in which vehicle. Further action will be taken as a complaint will be given from the Salangpur temple administration. SP Kishore Balolia added that, this dispute has been going on for the last two days. If there is any dispute, it can be resolved through dialogue. Any people who have objection on the issue of murals should discuss with the temple administration and bring a decision. It is not fair for anyone to take the law in hand like this. Many pilgrims come here on holidays. At present, 75 police personnel including PI have been arranged for this dispute.

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