February 25, 2024

Katargam Police conducted a raid and found 85 bottles of foreign liquor, 13 liters of liquor, 145 empty bottles, stickers, bottles, empty boxes of different brands etc.

Surat: Katargam Police busted a factory of filling cheap liquor into empty bottles of expensive liquor in a flat in Maruti Complex, Magannagar and arrested a youth. 85 bottles of foreign liquor, 13 liters of liquor, 145 empty bottles, stickers, butches, empty boxes of different brands, mopeds, other goods were found worth Rs. .2.38 lakh worth of goods were seized. When the manager was declared wanted, further action was taken.

Based on the information received from the police, the Katargam police raided the house of Dilip Sharma residing in Maruti Complex Flat, Katargam last afternoon. Police found 85 bottles of liquor, carob filled with liquor, in his iron double bed bed in his bedroom. When the police searched the other room of the flat, they found 145 empty glass bottles of liquor in different bags, 224 boxes of bottle caps of different brands of liquor from the iron safe, 1192 stickers, 627 lids (Buch) from a plastic bag.

Apart from this, the police found an electric gum gun, 15 gum sticks, a machine for removing the lids of empty liquor bottles, other items from there. The police found a moped, a mobile phone and cash of Rs.1800 from Dilip and seized the total worth of Rs.2,38,325 while questioning him. It was found that, his head officer Siraj Memon used to give him cheap foreign brands of liquor in pouches and empty bottles of different expensive brands of liquor with stickers. He would pack it in a box and give it to Siraj and he would take it as ordered. Katargam police registered a case in this regard, arrested Dilip, declared Siraj wanted and took further action.

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